The New Surrey Highway Process

Park Avenue West flooded road with a 'road closed' sign.

Residents on an undesired bustling street in Epsom met up to receive guidance about the heavy traffic on their road and put forward a scheme that would be acceptable to Surrey County Council and within budget allocations.

On Thursday the 5th of May, residents from Park Avenue West – a street in Stoneleigh – gathered together to discuss the issues of the heavy traffic on their road and how it could be resolved.

County Councillor John Beckett attended this one hour meeting to provide the 8 or so residents with some hopeful and encouraging advice.

The main discussion points in brief were: the possibility of a width restrictor going in at the end of their road to slow down or deter traffic coming down. Mr Beckett took photos of their ‘so called speed bumps’ and stated;

“They’re not speed bumps, they’re raised tables so they won’t slow traffic down. I’ll send pictures and report to the surveyors.”

John Beckett, A County Councillor.

“I got the impression that would be looked at a lot quicker as he could see what our point was.”

Trish, the spoke person for the residents.

The main issues on their road appeared to be the volume / type of traffic and speeding, so the idea of having speed plates at 20 was also briefly discussed. Speeding was also tied in with the speed tables that are positioned in the road.

Secondly, another matter that arose was about pollution, the residents complained that they couldn’t open their front windows especially in the summer months due to the toxic air and noise.

Thirdly, the traffic lights at the junction of Kingston Road and Stoneleigh Park Road should be delayed by several seconds to allow more traffic to exit Park Avenue West.

Fourthly, The tables are no longer visible as the markings have completely worn away, and so the question set in as to why several adjoining roads had all their lines refreshed but not Park Avenue West.

“The speed tables are totally inadequate, they are flat and compared to other adjoining roads, they are not doing their job and should be replaced with those say in Briarwood Road.”

John Beckett

The idea of having speed activation signs and speed checks by Surrey Police was also brought up and gladly accepted.

The photographs below show the possible locations of the width restrictions, the flat speed tables which need to be replaced with more robust versions and one of the adjoining roads which has just had all their lines refreshed.

Park Avenue West with old, faded white lines.
A neighbouring street with retouched painted lines.

After this very much needed discussion, they were given some of the options open to them and Mr Beckett assured them that their road would be a priority to fix as soon as possible.

“He certainly couldn’t believe our non speed ramps and totally took that on board straight away.. took pictures. I felt like we were listened to at least.”

A resident from Park Avenue West.

Even during these low spirited times, the residents have agreed and are ready to prepare for the repairs that are in need to keep their road safe.

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