Contact Information

Here is a list of my contact information:





Ayla Vaughan (a young adult female) with navy glasses, short blonde hair and a pink and black dress staring at the camera and offering contact information



On my Instagram account, you can see more of my feed that is displayed on the sidebar on my pages and posts. My account is private, but I still look at all my direct messages if you do not follow me and wish to contact me. Furthermore, my account has multiple pictures of my travels with varied content. It’s more of a visual medium, with simple captions or emojis compared to my longer written works. Therefore, this is my best form of contact information and a first point.


My least active account is Facebook. Therefore, I recommend you not view my page as I never post about anything myself there. It is mostly for me to keep in contact with my family and not for business purposes. However, I still have Facebook messenger if you wish to contact me or message me through that format. Therefore, this is my last resort as a last option of contact information.


On my YouTube account, you can directly watch my video pieces. Anyone can subscribe to my channel if they want to, and for free. Additionally, readers are also free to add subtitles if the automatic ones are not sufficient, or if they wish to translate my videos. Feel free to leave comments to suggest constructive criticism or give compliments. Therefore, this is my second best form of contact information. Please let me know if any of the URLs or hyperlinks above do not work. 


If you prefer to contact me by email please do so for more professional and business purposes. I will respond back to almost anytime from the average 9:00-5:00. Therefore, this is my second last resort as a last option of contact information.