Donald Trump speaking at a rally, older white man, blond hair, navy blazer, red tie, white shirt, US seal wooden podium in the centre, red, white and blue striped banner with white stars behind podium and people in the crowd. Donald Trump's denial was spread at rallies like this

Trump’s denial has everlasting consequences

Former US President Donald Trump’s denial of the results of the 2020 US presidential election has led to multiple disastrous effects Trump’s denial and failure to accept that he lost and is no longer president has not only affected him personally, but the whole Republican Party, and perhaps the US….

Stephen Breyer in a navy suit, purple tie and blue shirt talking with his hands up in front of a blue screen that says brookings in white multiple times

What does Stephen Breyer and his retirement mean for Biden?

Stephen Breyer’s retirement from the Supreme Court poses a new challenge for President Biden US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has retired at the age of 83, meaning President Biden can nominate his first justice in his presidency. Breyer’s retirement allows for the introduction of a new liberal justice. President…