2000s fashion is back… Please don’t let these trends return

The phrase “what goes around, comes back around” is what my mother often tells me when she is warning me about boys, but she has never once warned me about how what goes around in fashion will always come back around in fashion… and I hope that these trends do not come back around, unlike the boys that my mum warns me about.


Ashley Tisdale with a skirt over a pair of blue jeans.

The first Y2K trend that I hope is not on it’s journey back and stays as a mistake of the past, is the awful pairing of skirts and dresses on top of a pair of skinny jeans.

The High School Musical star, Ashley Tisdale, seemed to love to pair an ugly ruffled skirt with a pair of blue denim jeans and it knocks me sick.

I don’t know who she was paying to be her stylist, but I certainly hope they have changed their career path since this dreadful idea.

Ashley Tisdale should have considered what her fashionista character, Sharpay Evans, would have thought of the outfit before she decided to leave the house in that monstrosity of an outfit.


The Olsen Twins on a red carpet.

The second trend that I hope stays in the early 2000s forever is definitely the trend of wearing of wearing a scarf inside.

I understand the need for a scarf in winter months as an essential for warmth and layering, but I am still confused as to why it became a trend to wear a thin scarf with a t-shirt, or with a strappy top? 

Ashley Tisdale also fell victim to this trend too, when she was seen on a pink carpet promoting High School Musical wearing a matching pink feather boa, however the face of Gucci, Harry Styles was seen replicating the feather boa look at this years Grammy Awards.

Ashley Tisdale inspired Harry Styles’ 2021 Grammy Awards outfit.

Harry Styles’ love for a scarf started back in 2010 when he made the unfortunate mistake of following the 2000s ugly scarf trend when he first auditioned to the X Factor and is probably still haunted by the video evidence of his mistake to this day.

Harry Styles wearing a scarf inside at his 2010 X Factor audition.


The final 2000s trend that I will never get behind is low waisted jeans – especially Paris Hilton’s low waisted jeans.

The early 2000s saw the rise of the icon, Paris Hilton and unfortunately her love of low waisted jeans.

Paris Hilton made a huge impact on fashion for the better, through her love of velour tracksuits and her iconic love for the colour pink… However she took the trend of low waisted jeans too far, if you can see your underwear on top of your jeans, they should not leave the house in my opinion.

As Y2K fashion made it’s return last year, this meant that the low rise trend slowly started creeping its way onto Instagram and TikTok and I hope it makes a fast departure from social media feeds before it becomes a trend again.

I am a huge lover of high waisted jeans and I sometimes dabble in a mid waisted jean, but you will NEVER find me in a pair of low waisted jeans and I hope that low waisted jeans are a thing of the past forever.


About the Author

Morgan Fotheringham
Student journalist as London South Bank University.