Beyoncé makes history at the 2023 Grammy Awards

American Singer Songwriter Beyoncé had won a record breaking awards at this years Grammy Ceremony which was held in Los Angeles. The singer who is 41 years old has won 32 Grammys, which is the mostin history for any artist. 

She made history this year when she won “best dance/electronic album” for her album called Renaissance which has made her the most grammy award winner artist. The previous title was held by Hungarian British conductor who had 31 Grammys and Beyoncé has over taken him who held the record for more than 20 years which is an incredible achievement! 

She had also won 3 other Grammys the same night, two of them were given out in the premiere before live tv and then 2 were given during the actual show. She had won dance/electric recording, dance/electric album, R&B performance, and R&B song. 

When she accepted the award she said “i’m trying not to be too emotional, i’m trying to just recieve this award” She also had thanked her parents, her husband and her three children before closing her speech. She also thanked the queer community “for their love and for inventing this genre” 

Beyoncé had also the most nominations this year at the Grammys with nine, and it surprisingly ties her all time nominations with her husband Jay-Z who have 88 each.

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