The Murder Case of Jacob Lennon

The Old Bailey Court in London

Jake Drummond has been accused of the murder of his girlfriend’s 15-month-old son, who died of serious head injuries.

During a recent trial at the Old Bailey, it was revealed that a 15-month-old son was murdered on August 27th, 2019, due to abuse and neglect by his mother and her boyfriend.

Major evidence led 32-year-old Jake Drummond to be found guilty of severe bodily harm with intent and the murder of Jacob Lennon. Jacob’s mother, Louise Lennon, age 32, was found guilty of neglect of a child and causing and allowing the death of a child.

The court discussed Jacob’s post-mortem and found that more than twenty injuries had been identified during the examination. It found traumatic brain injuries, some of which were from a period of days or weeks earlier.

The cause of death was a fatal brain injury inflicted around three to five hours before Jacob’s death.

Drummond’s history with drugs and his anger lashes was briefly discussed, there were many cases of domestic calls from his mother and his girlfriend where he had threatened and abused them.

A domestic call in 2005 was made when Drummond’s mother was threatened from Drummond who was demanding for money, food, and drugs. It was recorded that he had tried to swing a hammer at her door locks when she declined him. He had said he wasn’t going to harm her, and it was only a means to ‘frighten’ her. With a knife held against his mother’s throat, he threatened the police to leave as soon as they arrived.

Another domestic call in 2008 was made when his girlfriend was left with many bruises on her arms over an argument the two had about a miscarriage. 

The jury had also been informed that Jacob Lennon was found unresponsive by the London Ambulance Service and with extreme injuries on his face, legs, arms, and neck. The couple had told officers that he had previously “fallen over in a playground”. This was a fabricated story told to the officers.

They will both be sentenced at the same court on April 24th, 2023.

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