Experiences of Inadequate Accommodation at LSBU

Students at LSBU have experienced maintenance issues at their accommodation mainly in the bathroom
LSBU Dante Road Accommodation. Credit to Wikimedia Commons

Students have accused LSBU of misleading them over the poor quality of their accommodation. Students are given a window to add additional defects to the inventory. The receptionist said: During “moving week” the main accommodation “issues [were those] that weren’t flagged.” They had “zero” complaints about accommodation on that day and said: “it depends” on how many complaints they get a day.

The prices of tuition, accommodation and the extra booking fee totalling around £15,000 burdens students. A student experienced issues in the bathroom, with two broken toilets and a broken shower bracket. Other students have to use another floor to access a working toilet. A student said: “This is completely unfair treatment and the university should use rent to adequately maintain the accommodation that students paid for.”

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