NCT 127 Cupsleeve Event at the Alley

A fan tells me her experiences at a NCT 127 cupsleeve event at the Alley 
A photo wall of pictures of NCT 127 and bunting
A Jaehyun photocard, Yuta photocard, Taeyong photocard, The Alley’s card, a NCT 127 bookmark and a group NCT 127 photo (L-R first row). A group NCT 127 photo, Johnny polaroid, Taeyong polaroid and NCT 127 cupsleeve (L-R second row).

A NCT 127 fan group held a cupsleeve event at the Alley in London last Saturday. NCT 127 is a nine member K-pop group under SM Entertainment who recently had a comeback on 25 October with the music video and album titled Favourite. Along with a cupsleeve, other free gifts were given to fans, such as photocards, a bookmark and a group photo.

Phoebe Donkor, a fan of NCT 127 said: “They can take place in various locations, but mostly at cafes and comfortable environments for people to feel comfy.” She also said that: “These events can be hosted just to meet other fans and get to know other people who are interested in the K-pop group. However [this event was] … celebrating a long awaited comeback.”

Events like these for K-pop fans are meaningful and a fun way to celebrate their group’s achievements. They take place all across the world and are a joyful event. Nctea UK held this cupsleeve event meaning they booked the venue, decorated the venue and made the free gifts.

Phoebe said: “I think these events have positive effects as fans get a chance to meet other people who are interested in the same thing as they are. This makes people feel more part of a society which is a great thing to be a part of.” International fans will continue to hold these events as it’s a great way to connect with South Korean music and culture in a different country.

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