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18 year old girl goes to friends house and stabs, attacks while also pouring hot kettle water on her

Lifestyle influencer (so she claims on her bio on snapchat) known as onlyprxnessa has just gone viral on twitter 


For all the wrong reasons this young lady is not the influencer you want your daughter to be looking up to.

The story is,  18 year old girl who is called on her social media platforms princess or prxncessa had went to her now ex-friends house and proceeded to intimidate, threaten and attack the victim in her room while  recording the victim hiding in her bed sheets out of sheer terror and fear from princess.

You can see in the video that circulating on twitter that princess is holding a knife directly at the victim screaming ”SAY SORRY, APOLOGISE”

”For trying to f***k my man” she says this while pointing the knife directly at the victim.

And it gets even more disturbing as you see princess put the phone on a table to record herself pour boiling kettle water on the victim while repeatedly beating her with one of her  hands and then taunting, scaring the victim with the knife once more after stabbing her on the hand.

In the video princess shows no quarrels over the behaviour she exuded and seemed to almost enjoy the  violence she unleashed onto to her ex-friend, a picture of a post who took a screenshot of what princess’s reply to the public reaction of what she done shows how remorseless she feels on the behaviour she exhibited


In the screenshot she states ”Don’t come on my phone on some dumb bulls**t. I did not react that way because of ”MAN”! My man did not f***k her nor do anything with the girl, anyone who knows that girl knows she has no morals nor respect for anyone not even herself”

Showing she more or less feels justified in the actions she’s made.

She mentions in her snapchat post that she has her reasoning for such a volatile response to whatever triggered her

”No-one sees when people trigger me but when I react, im the bad Person… F***k off with that s**t mums. if you don’t know full story’s or back stories don’t insert urself… idgaf (I don’t give a f***K) no one can tell me s**t ab (about) nothing coz ain’t no one checked me!…. oh”

She doesn’t seem to care now but things change when your freedom is at stake.

Here is a tweet of the police saying all the videos being forwarded to their twitter space have been taken into investigation and she has been arrested

Justice came very quick this time round, majority of people who have seen the video all feel she should be locked up for that kind of behaviour and was extremely appalled let alone shocked to have witness such a blatant violation to someones entire being in their own home.

Hopefully the victim can recover from the injuries suffered and the mental trauma that may occur due the the incident.

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