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Kino Community: For better or worse?

A written message inside the closed venue for the public to see 


The Kino cinema was a cultural landmark for residents in Bermondsey square, its introduction to the square started  in 2005  before the facility took on the name ”Kino” and was decided to be built as a exhibition for art and cinematic expressions.

Rod Wray campaigned for Bermondsey square to include a cinema, he was sold the building space and renamed it  ”short-wave” in 2009.

Fast forward to 2017 and Rod Wray expanded ”shortwave” to other regions such as Rye and Hawkhurst,  the venue in Bermondsey was refurbished with 52 new leather seats, new screens and cafe/bar for alcoholic beverages and food before entering a screening, the name was changed into ”Kino Cinema”.

The cinema would showcase many classic films as-well as arthouse which is a unique expression of movies, the community really appreciated the venue and its convenience.


above is a link to their website which won’t be in use soon


In 2 days the venue will be shutdown, it was going to be renovated again this time into a restaurant or sporting facility.

The public and the councillors weren’t happy about this and successfully campaigned against these new idea proposals to take place.

A local man in the area who wants his identity to be anonymous said he used to go to the cinema frequently and speaks on his disappointment on its recent closing.

”I used too speak with a lot of my neighbours when this venue was open, it was such a convenient place for everyone to meet each other, such a shame they closed it down”

While the disappointment is high in Bermondsey square regarding the closure its also ina. relief that the venue will remain a sit is.

Counsellors Sam Dalton, Sunil Chopra and Emily Hickson have stressed that a plan to create a valued space for the community will need the take place at some point.

Hopefully its for the better and not the worse


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