Long queues on high street as stores reopen in England after lockdown
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Chelsea’s Long Clothing Queue

Young people were left waiting outside for ages at Chelsea’s clothing pop up

Young individuals were left waiting outside on the streets of Chelsea in a long queue for up to 45 minutes to obtain the We Are Second Life Fashion Pop up last Sunday with great sales. even though numerous students and young adults booked a time entry slots for this scheduled event they were forced to get in at later times as the sales were booming and certain people were taking longer than usual.

As the sales and clothing pop up went on people were getting frustrated and started to walk away despite waiting up to 45 minutes to an hour. One of the young people who was fed up said “How can I book a time slot for 3pm and I’m still out here at 3:50pm, it’s a complete joke mate.” You could clearly tell he was annoyed as he walked out the queue with a look of disappointment on he’s face.

However, it seems like the people hosting this clothing pop up event weren’t expecting this turn up and were very surprised by the amount of people that showed up for these cheap sales. One of the staff members said “We weren’t expecting this much people to turn up. Usually the cancellation rate is nearly up to 50% but not people cancelled around this time which is why people have been waiting for so long.” The staff members were very pleased with the event but some people walked away wishing they never came.

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