Photo: Bella Linder, 190919



Photo: Bella Linder, 190919


Florence Nightingale, also known as the mother of modern nursing, introduced very basic but necessary techniques to hospitals. Such as washing hands before surgery, cleaning hospitals, don’t work while drunk and separating infected people from the non infected.  

Florence is most known from her impact on the Crimean War.


Eleanor, actress and tour guide, started working at the Florence Nightingale museum September 2nd this year. She took acting classes before working at the museum.


As a tour guide you dress up in a replica of one of Florence’s dresses, something Eleanor really adores.


“I’m a bit of an history geek and that I get to act a little makes it more fun” 

-Eleanor, Florence Nightingale Museum.


Something Eleanor don’t found fun is the school tours. The school tours is for 5-7 year olds and runs for 30 minutes. 


“You have to tell them not to touch things all the time”

-Eleanor, Florence Nightingale Museum.                     


Ione is a tour guide at the museum as well and has been working at the museum since earlier this year. 

Ione explained that Florence opened her own school of nursing and that a student named Alice inherited all of Florence’s equipment when she passed away. 


The museum is places where the nursing school was located and all of Florence’s equipment is there as well. 

Eleanor and Ione

Photo: Bella Linder 190919


Bella Linder 190919 South Bank University