Solar benches across London set communication limits on a different level

Solar benches delivering free services from Wi-Fi and mobile USB chargers, to sensors for humidity and air quality have taken over London in recent months, Ralitsa Arabadzhieva reports.

Created by the Serbian company Strawberry Energy and innovators, smart benches offer to London’s residents the opportunity to be always in touch with the loved ones, even when mobile batteries and data let you down.

Packed with two USB ports, two cables for charging mobile devices, two wireless charges and loads of other free and neat gadgets, such as temperature and air quality sensors these benches have already made their way through Europe and US.

Over the years the company has gained recognitions such as first place in the Public Consumption Reduction category in the European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week in 2011, and winner of the “Cognicity Challenge” in the organisation of the “Canary Wharf Group”, London 2015.


There are still a lot of people in London who have not even heard about them yet, but express significant doubts in the smooth day to day running of the solar benches. Factors such as, the weather and how efficient they would be in the harsh winter days are now about to be put into the test.


Then there are those who have already seen them, used them and chose not to put their stamp on them. Members of the public have complained of The Strawberry battery charging stand, and added that there is a danger of stolen devices or the chargers causing damage to their devices. One local resident said: “That on right there broke by phone”.


Smart solar benches are expanding their territory in London as a seemingly natural advancement in the era of communication with the promise of providing more sustainable and efficient way of life to the public.


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