live show 1

social media – Remeka

website – Laura


Great opening shot, however there was far too much head room.

Bulletin James Middelton 

Social Media Maddie

VT Delina

GREAT filming sequences and choice of music. On screen questions made it really clear however i found the vox pop segement slightly comfusing in terms of who the “student” was.

VT Alice, Sidney, Laura

The sounds was unclear and muffled. The interview was great, nice shots especially at the end.

VT Shola, Olivia, Charlie, Liam

Good story and good vox pops. The stats were confusing but better than nothing.

VT Nick Francisca  

Sound was not great, however it was shot really well.

VT Isla, George, Barbra, James Middelton

The audio needed a lot more thought as the quality was not as good 

VT Nicola, Jacob, Saf, James Murray

Good vox pops. It should have been more rehearsed. Rethink the structure and shots.