Interview: Briston Maroney on Touring and Music

Briston Maroney, 21, is originated in the southern city of Nashville, Tennessee. His band consists of members Briston, Jack, Noah and John. He released his current EP Indiana following the 2018 release of Carnival. This also being his debut with Canvasback Music and Atlantic.

Briston’s music has opened opportunities to tour with rock bands such as Wallows and Liz Cooper as well as his own headline world tours. I was lucky enough to see Briston Maroney on his recent Europe tour. I attended the London show in The Lexington and found it was such a fun show. Briston is definitely very talented and definitely deserves a lot more recognition for his music.

He was kind enough to answer some questions about his music and his life as an artist:

What inspired you to start your own band?

I was inspired to start playing music because I started writing songs and felt like I had to find a way to share them with other people!

The best part of touring across America and Europe?

Touring is a chance to experience a day in other people’s lives through music in so many different beautiful places for the purpose of bringing other people comfort and joy!

What was your favourite song to write out of your 2 new singles, Steve’s First Bruise and Chattanooga?

Writing Steve’s First Bruise was a totally new experience as it was written in the studio and was just all energy driven, it was a blast!

What was it like touring Europe with Wallows?

Touring with wallows was insanity! They were so kind to us and a joy to watch perform every night! 

Is there a Briston Maroney album on the horizon at all, and if so what can we expect?

The album is currently in the very early stages of coming to life.

Lyrically, what’s your favourite song you’ve ever written?

Man, I feel like St. Augustine is a song that I came close to saying what I was really trying to say, and a thank you to a lot of amazing friends that I hope they can connect with.

Your band is always a recommendation from me, who are some artists or bands you’re loving at the moment that you’d like to recommend?

I am always listening to Illiterate Light And Indigo Desouza!