Filter bubbles and Echo chambers

One of my social media accounts that I had used to examine my newsfeed to identify any possible filter bubbles and echo chambers was Instagram. I had found that I was in a filter bubble as I mainly use my Instagram to watch and view posts mainly from beauty bloggers and I mainly search for makeup and hair videos, therefore, every time I open up Instagram there is a section where you can search and it already has a place that’s just ‘for you’ and has content that only I would be interested in seeing and liking it. This is also an echo chamber as it’s only in my social circle and Instagram automatically has things for me to see. I always access Instagram on my phone, the app works compatibly to my phone which makes it easy for me to use the app, also because it’s on my phone I always receive notifications as soon as someone posts something on their account. Therefore, I am in a filter bubble and echo chamber as I don’t see the broader topics which are also able to view by anyone on Instagram such as Politics, Sport, Cooking etc. I can however to a certain extent, I can escape this filter bubble by exploring more on Instagram so that the social media platform is aware that I am interested in more than beauty.