How I Consume News

News stories are now mainly consumed online, and news can be accessed via the use of technological devices such as mobile phones, iPad’s and laptops. News is also still consumed from newspapers, but this is in decline.

I consume news which is posted online. I consume the news in this way as I find that news can be easily read from my smartphone, also it saves me the hassle of buying a paper every morning. I like being able to read news stories from my smartphone as news is everywhere on my phone. I have a news app on my phone which updates regularly throughout the day, I like this method as when there’s new news I get notifications sent to me on my phone, which therefore allows me to be regularly updated with the news and in this way, I consume news much faster than reading a newspaper.

However, my perception changes with the way I consume news as I also read news from Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp however, the news is online which could lead to me reading fake news as these types of news are not all from journalists but are from the general public and the public could be posting news on social media platforms that haven’t been well researched on and instead could be a rumour that is spreading around which they think is true but actually fake.

Tensions between Traditional and Technology-Driven Journalism

Technology has developed massively in the past decade and now technology can be said to be the most popular and has overtaken traditional journalism.

One way there is tensions between traditional and technology-driven journalism is traditional journalism is slowly but surely dying out. Forms of traditional journalism is things like newspapers are a source of news stories. However, the tension rises here as newspapers are in a massive decline due to technology driven journalism which allows people to access news from their smartphones where they can access news via news apps. These news apps always update their users during the day to let them know the latest news by sending notifications on user’s home screens. This is practical as people no longer have to buy the paper every morning before going to work and they don’t have to spend money buying it.

Also, newspapers companies publish news every morning and get their papers printed on time however, a problem lies as newspaper stories go out of date within hours of it being published and the public want up-to date news, so they know what moves are taking place on a certain issue/topic.

Technology driven journalism over the years has built tension as there has also been a rise in the use of social media, which allows people to comment and post their opinions on topics and it allows people to have a debate and discussion online, it can also sometimes help resolve issues as lots of people talking about the issue can come together and take action to resolve it.

Social media also spreads news around very quickly however, traditional journalism is better than technology driven journalism as news on social media can be fake news as it’s not from a unknown and untrusted source, whereas traditional journalism comes from known journalists.

Free Sanitary prouducts to council buildings and schools

Writing that says Women

On Southwark council’s website they have put up an e-petition to implement free sanitary products for people living in council buildings and children going to school

Period poverty is where young girls and women cannot afford to pay for sanitary products for their menstrual periods. Young school girls are worried about going into school whilst on their periods due to not having the right sanitary product and being in fear of being teased by boys and other girls in school. To avoid this they don’t go into school and this can be a massive problem as they are missing lessons in school which means more and more young girls are losing out on getting an education.

The E-petition runs from 16/10/18 until 01/02/19 so if you believe that this policy should be implemented by the council to help out young girls and women then click here!