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Data Journalism

A story that may come as a result of the data is from a website called which has published data on whether true stories have actually been voted by people to actually be accurate. One data from the website found was that 100% of people believe that the film Selma

Tensions between Traditional and Technology-Driven Journalism

Technology has developed massively in the past decade and now technology can be said to be the most popular and has overtaken traditional journalism. One way there is tensions between traditional and technology-driven journalism is traditional journalism is slowly but surely dying out. Forms of traditional journalism is things like newspapers

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) journalism has emerged from its early experimental phase to become a more integrated part of many newsrooms. Scene VR project lead by Zach Wise Evanston, Illinois, by Northwestern University Knight Lab had an idea of making a tool for journalists and others to use from their smartphone

Is Citizen Journalism and User Generated Content Killing Professional Journalism?

Different social media platforms As we all already know social media has changed the world of journalism and this has been done by both citizen journalism and user generated content. Both citizen journalism and user generated content can be seen as a threat to both professional journalists and traditional journalism. In a