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Imperial War Museum (London)


On my trip to the Imperial War Museum in London, I was mostly excited about going to visit the First World War gallery as we are now in November and Remembrance Day is slowly approaching.

I have to say in my own opinion the Museum is amazing! It’s a busy place to be and a good place to go exploring around, the best thing was the admission to the First World War gallery. Even the outside of the Museum looked absolutely lush! Even though I went on a dark and cold, rainy day it looked so good that I can almost picture in my head of how beautiful the outside if the museum looks like on a bright summer’s day.

For me, I have to say that going to Museum gives you more of a real experience of how things were in the past and you get to grasp a full feeling as sounds of gunshots are playing and it feels so surreal. In the First World War gallery, the museum has recreated a walk through the trench which also has a plane called Sopwith Camel which is pretending to fly across you whilst your walking in the trench, this almost creates a near enough experience of what the First World War was like.

I would so recommend this to you guys as if you want to feel the experience of how life was for people that fought in the war then go along, also it’s free admission to enter the Museum and the First World War gallery was free entry for the exhibition so why not?

Southbank Christmas Market

Southbank Christmas Market sign
Southbank Christmas Market Entrance, taken by Mahira Begum

I had visited the Christmas market at Southbank Centre to see what it was like and whether it was a good place to recommend to my friends and family. Nevertheless, I had visited the Christmas market on a weekday around 5/6 ish and it wasn’t so busy which was quite nice as I got to see everything properly. I can imagine the market being very packed out and loud at busier times of the week such as the weekend as more people are able to visit at those times.

The Southbank Christmas Market is very closely located next to the Southbank Centre and is walking distance from Waterloo Station which is very efficient for people traveling by tube to visit the Market for Christmas.

When I was at the market, I have to say it did put me more into the Christmas spirit which was made me feel like Christmas is coming! The market had a variety of stalls that were selling all sorts of different things! There was also a merry go round which looked like it would be great excitement for kids and their parents to go on.

Whilst walking around the market I had discovered that there was also an Underbelly Christmas Market that had opened on the 2ndNovember this year. At the Underbelly Christmas Market, they also had a cider lounge. As soon as I walked into the Underbelly Christmas market, I was amazed!! IT WAS SO BUSY!! The atmosphere was also great as it was filled with people and it seemed like a really cool place to be at!

I would say that the Southbank Christmas market is a good place to go to get into the Christmas spirit as it makes you feel like Christmas is so near and gets you excited for Christmas! Well I know it did for me! I would recommend the market as it is targeted for everyone and it’s a great place to go to this December, be sure to go before the 6thJanuary 2019 as it is expected to close on this date!

Tate Modern: Hyundai Commission Tania Bruguera 10,146,23

Heat sensitive image
Heat sensitive image of Yousef, taken by Mahira Begum

On the 3rdOctober this year, I had visited Tate Modern as I had visited their website online to see what interesting exhibitions, they have that was worth the visit to Tate Modern, whilst looking on their website I had come across an exhibition called the Hyundai commission, Tania Bruguera: 10,146,239. This exhibition had only opened the day before I had visited and is currently opened until February 24th2019.

I had gone to visit the exhibition and it was a portrait image that was hidden beneath heat sensitive material so for the picture to show you would need a lot of people putting their body heat on the picture for the image to show very clearly. This picture was of a person I believe that was called Yousef, he was a young Syrian man who had left Syria in 2011 and is now studying Biomedical Science and works in Biomedical Science.

This portrait image was to bring unity, and for people to get on and work together. In this exhibition there was also a crying room which seemed very interesting for me to experience and before I went, I was intrigued to find out what had made people cry. Was it a sad story? Or was it some sort of chemicals that made your eyes feel watery?

Luckily, I had got the answer as I had a chance to enter the crying room when I visited the exhibition. The crying room had made people feel uncomfortable and the more you got into the room the more my eyes would water, this was due to the chemical they had used as it almost smelt like very strong Vicks that had made your eyes feel very tingly. Whilst in the crying room there was also uncomforting music playing which made me feel like I no longer had wanted to stay in the room and this was exactly the message they were trying to get across.

Therefore, I would say that on my visit to the Hyundai commission, Tania Bruguera exhibition I feel like the crying room had conveyed the message across to people that life in things were not comforting and made you feel emotional.

However, unfortunately it was a shame as I didn’t get to see the full picture of the young man called Yousef as there was not enough people to put their body heat on the image for it to show up, which was a shame. I also thought that the message produced for the image to convey wasn’t so clear to me and would be hard for people to understand the story unless they had researched and read up about the young man Yousef.

I would recommend that if the full image had shown even without adding heat to allow people to see the image it would be really good but without the image showing it would be pointless to go, however, I would personally recommend the crying room as that had made me really feel emotional. If you would like to find out more information about the exhibition, Click here!