Gin bus arrives in Bermondsey

Bermondsey Gin Bus


Lead in- Bermondsey is a quite area and with more and more boutique shops and hotels opening in the area, the timing seems appropriate to bring a gin bus to travel around all the best drinking spots in Bermondsey. Although the idea seemed to be taken well by the locals there have since been a few issues with the gin bus. I interviewed some local residents and students and a bar tender from one of the bars that the bus stops at to see what problems they have with the party bus.

Maddie: Here in Bermondsey there is one bus catching everyone’s eye. The gin bus has been launched, traveling around all of Bermondsey’s best gin drinking spots. This boozy bus lasts 4 hours and is running every day, stopping at 5 different gin bars costing £70 per person. This has caused a few problems with some of the local residents and students living in the area. The bus runs in the afternoon and has been advertised for students as well as tourist’s, I spoke to a few local students as see their problems with the bus.

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 Vox pop 1: (“so what do you think about the idea of a gin bus”) I think it’s really goon and I really love it, I’m a big fan of the booze I’m not going to lie but with the timings in the afternoon I either have to skip uni or I’ll come back from uni and have work to do and be drunk at like 6 o’clock in the afternoon.

(“they have advertised this as a student event but it is still £70”) I think that’s a ridiculous price, I understand that you get the bus and I understand you get the cocktails but for a student event I think that’s far too much money.

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Vox pop 2: Yeah ive been living in Bermondsey for 2 years now and I think the gin bus is quite a good idea but I just don’t think it’s at the right time especially if its aimed at young people. Yeah maybe not in such a quite area, it could be done more centrally rather than Bermondsey

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Because I think a lot of people who live here are quite old and have small kinds so it might like wake them up and everything.

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Vox pop 3: People are basically that there are drunk people around at 3 in the afternoon, everyone’s trying to go about their daily business, pick up their kids, go to work and stuff, its just pretty distracting at the end of the day.

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Honestly I do find it quite annoying I live right near one of the stops and I just don’t really like hearing all these drunk people at like 3 in the afternoon.

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Maddie: it is clear that Bermondsey’s gin bus hasn’t had the welcome they may have wanted. Although everyone seemed to like the idea, maybe the gin journey party bus needs to rethink their price and defiantly their timings.

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Back announcement- That was Maddie Binns LSBU reporter for Journalism London