Is a Busker any Tom, Dick or Harry?

Here’s Tom in action with help from the audience, photo by Adan.

What makes Busking so intriguing? Living in a big, expensive city like London means that for some, busking is the only way they can make a living. Busking ranges from dancing, magic, comedy and much more. Busking has become so popular in London that you are able to see them left, right and centre.

Tom, who is photographed above is one of the many Buskers in London. He has been busking for almost 5 years and is a professional street performer. All his income comes from his everyday performances near the London eye, where the majority of the tourist’s roam.

You’re probably thinking that’s risky, how does he make enough money from only doing busking? This is where Tom’s communication is key, he uses interaction, comedy and playful banter to intrigue his audience. He uses his talents; juggling and squeezing his entire body through a 10-inch tennis racket while riding a 7-foot unicycle.

A member of the audience, a tourist from Holland said “It was my first time seeing something like this and it left me intrigued”, they also donated money. If you are reading this, like these tourists did, support buskers because they are not just any Tom, Dick or Harry, they are self-employed artists who are just trying to entertain you.

By Georgie and Adan 

PS: Above is the first article that we had to write for the course, we did it during our induction week. We had to work together with another journalism student and find something along South Bank, an event/restaurant/entertainer, to write about. This was an enjoyable first assignment as it allowed me to get to know the people in my course as well as explore the area I live in.