Popping InstaBubbles to open up to the world!

After analysing my personal social media accounts (focusing on Instagram) I was able to see that my main interests are travel, fashion, memes and celebrities. Noticing I don’t use social media platforms for news but rather Newspapers and online sites such as BBC News.

I love to travel and so it didn’t surprise me when I noticed that I follow a lot of travel bloggers.

I’m not the most fashionable person, but I definitely appreciate fashion. Following accounts such as Brandy Melville and Fashion Nova where I’m seeing outfits I desire to have myself.

Laughing brightens up anyone’s day and so my page always has memes for me to smile at.

Lastly are celebrities, being a big fan of music, movies and series means I tend to give the people I like, a follow.

The main way I notice how filter bubbles affect what I am seeing is via the adverts on Instagram, not straying away from the main interests listed above. E.g. Ads about ‘Gymshark’ which is a clothing brand that I recently ordered from.

In order to pop my bubbles, I have created a professional Instagram which will be used to follow the news, to open up to different angles and not be shut away.