London’s pollution problems taking us back in time by causing expected earlier deaths!

London Pollution
Outside Friars Primary School, taken by Georgina Blackwell

London Boroughs with high diesel pollution causing children to suffer with ‘stunted lung capacity’. These children are expected to die at an earlier age.

 Area’s in London are failing to meet the EU requirements for nitrogen dioxide, and researchers found that this is causing children to have an increased risk of getting lung cancer, as reported by BBC.

BBC continued on that the research covered 28 primary schools. In London Boroughs of Greenwich, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and the City of London. They all fail to meet the EU regulations.

A worried mother outside Friars Primary School said “my son constantly has a cough and sore throat” adding that “the moment it goes away, its back within the next few weeks” and that she feels like “London  needs to sort out it’s pollution problems to keep our children healthy”. 

A current University student in London, Mike Blair had just came back to London after visiting his home in Devon. He said “Going home is so refreshing”.  Continuing that “you don’t realise how much the air pollution in London affects your breathing and throat until you leave.”.

According to BBC, Dr Samantha Walker, Director of Research and Policy at Asthma UK, said “The Government needs to tackle toxic air by putting in place a new Clean Air Act to keep everyone – especially children – safe.”