Southwark Council offering free parking to help support local businesses!

Southwark council spreading the word about #SmallBizSatUK in order to support local businesses and get people to shop at them!

This weekend coming up, on the 1st of December is the 6th year of ‘Small Biz Sat UK’. The aim is “to support, promote and inspire small business all year round” and is done all around the United Kingdom.

They have a website to help people get involved either as a ‘small business’, ‘a customer’, ‘a local authority’ or ‘a small biz network’.

A small business has the opportunity to be added to the small business finder. To create logos for their website/social media to help attract people. To get access to a free marketing pack and Small Biz Sat UK offers to give shout outs to any events the business has going on.

A customer has the chance to search for specific shops that are in their local area. They also have access to a Cook Book and are able to pledge support to their local businesses.

Southwark Council has been using its twitter handle to spread the word about Small Biz Sat UK. They are offering free parking in Southwark town centre, every Saturday of the month of December. They are “encouraging residents to support local businesses by shopping local.”