Week Four: Brexit VT Practice

For the first session with Rebecca, we discussed the homework from the previous class. Each VT group presented our VT’s on student life to the class. We were provided with feedback from both Rebecca and the class, enabling us to make improvements in the future.

We moved onto the second part of the homework where we analysed a news channel of choice. could choose between BBC news, Channel 5 and Channel 4 news. We were given a form to fill in which had a few different questions. We had to write about the story line of the entire show. We had to talk the audio and visual elements of a specific VT. We also had to mention which filming sequences and interviews would have been planned prior to planning. Lastly, we had to discuss how much background information they provided on each story.

The entire class choose the BBC news so we all took part, I gave a lot of input about the story-line and explained what type of information they provided for each story.

The class was then split into our VT groups, done in order for us to start preparing for our VT’s that we will be making regarding Brexit. On the 26th of February, we will be going to Westminster to view a protest on Brexit. Only me and one other member of my group were present, so we started off by using SiSo to book out the equipment for the day. We also discussed the different types of angles we could take and what type of roles everyone could do.

To finish up the lesson, Rebecca gave us an assignment again in order to prepare for next week. In order to practice out PTC’s, we were given the following two complex sentences;

“Record numbers of students from China and Hong Kong are applying for places at British universities, according to official figures.”

Data from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas) shows a spike in demand for undergraduate places from mainland China and a small rise in applications from the EU, despite fears over Brexit.”

My team mate and I both practiced doing the piece to camera as well as filming.