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Chewy Cannon’s New Adidas Liberty Cup Shoe Release

Chewy Cannon’s Adidas Liberty Cup Shoe was launched on Saturday with a jam at South Bank and the introduction of a new skate obstacle for the undercroft to celebrate the release. 

Hundreds of skaters turned up for the event to celebrate the new shoe. 

There was a DJ booth playing a mix of reggae music and the

crowd was excited as they were trying tricks on the new obstacle for cash.

The event began at 3.00pm and continued on into the evening.

Advertisement for Chewy Cannon Adidas Liberty Cup Shoe
Chewy Cannon Billboard

The shoe is Chewy Cannon’s new Liberty Cup model, and features a black upper with brown gum soles.

The shoe retails for $100 and looks great. 

The new obstacle is a bank with steps next to it pushed up against a wall, which gives many options for tricks. 

Tricks can be done from both directions: grinding the stairs into the bank, or going from the bank to the stairs. 

Also, it can be skated from the bank to the wall. 

Chewy Cannon Liberty Cup Shoe
Chewy Cannon Liberty Cup Shoe

Link to Adidas Website: