Are Millwall More Family Friendly Nowadays?

Are Millwall More ‘Family Friendly’ Nowadays?

Millwall Football Club, have always been the centre of attention, when it comes to controversies surrounding it’s fans. Are they on the brink of changing?

Back in May, Millwall Football Club won Family Club of the Year at the EFL Awards. People were torn at this decision first, explaining that the club has had a fruitful history behind it’s fans, and certain club rivalries. 

Their most notable instances of bad behaviour, come in the form of their rivalry with West Ham, which has been noted as one of the longest and bitter rivalries in all of English football. In 2009, West Ham and Millwall played against each other in the Football League Cup second round. Outside the stadium while the game was ahead, rioting occurred, where supporters were stabbed and up to 20 people were injured. 

A fan, who we messaged privately, by the name of ‘David’ on Millwall’s Reddit page, also said recently that “Millwall are a changed club – we really want to put behind all the bad blood/memories, and settle for a brighter future.”

Millwall drew their last game in the Sky Bet Championship against Aston Villa on Saturday. They currently sit 17th on the table.