Live News Day Review – 05/03/18

On the 5th March 2018, our sixth live show of the second semester was broadcast live on YouTube. This week, our JLDN broadcast covered a range of stories from university strikes to sex education. On the whole, this week’s news day was not our strongest as a group. Throughout the show we had a range of technical difficulties from sound, to the wrong cameras being in shot and the auto cue being too slow or fast. However, with this being said I think that the presenters and people in production did the best that they could have done to recover from these situations. 

This week, my role was the bulletins presenter and I worked alongside Sidney who was the bulletins editor. I curated the stories which I wanted to cover during the bulletins which were as follows: Theresa May’s speech on public housing, Bradley Wiggins drug doping reveal and the Oscars. I felt as though these stories were a good mix, with the Oscars being a light-hearted one for the ending. 

For this YouTube stream, the director, Nick chose to change the position of the sofa presenters for the first half of the show meaning that I was sat to the side of them on a table rather than being in my own position. I felt that with me being at the side, it didn’t look as professional as it would have if I was in my own position or sat between them. Also, due to a technical difficulty with the first two VT’s this meant that I had to present the bulletins earlier than I thought, therefore the auto cue was not yet up to my script. As a result, I was required to read from the printed script for the first story and then I transitioned into the auto cue for the second and third. Another problem which arose during my segment came down due to the person who was controlling the VFX, none of the stills which popped-up on screen during the bulletins section covered the screen in the right timings. The picture of Theresa May showed up before I had started reading this story and the Oscars picture showed up on screen three times. As well as this, at the end of the bulletins in which I chose to interact with Theo and Mahria, the audio was very low making the conversation very difficult to hear. 

During the live stream, the two-way reporter with Saf went smooth although the audio wasn’t the best quality. The lighting of the social media segment could have been improved, but Olivia presented the stories well. The sofa guest, James was very informative and had a lot of good interaction with Theo who gave good eye contact and reactions. The ending of the show wasn’t the best as there wasn’t a clear ending and the end credits did not show at all. 

As a content group, this week we covered the story of KFC having a chicken shortage, our VT was not used in the live show. To put an alternative spin on the story, we tried out a vegan chicken alternative and shot a filming sequence from walking into the shop to sitting down with the food after ordering. Apart from the jump cuts and some audio errors which occurred due to the editing, I felt that this was a strong VT. My VT group’s roles this week were as follows: I was presenter and assisted Alice with the filming, Alice was cameraman and video editor and Maddie was the overall editor.