Live News Day Review – 05/03/18

This week our JLDN live video broadcast covered a range of stories from university strikes to sex education. On the whole, this weeks news day was not our strongest as a course. Throughout the show we had a range of technical difficulties from sound, to the wrong cameras being in shot and the auto cue being too slow/fast. However, with this being said I think that the presenters and people in production did the best that they could have done to recover from these situations. 

This week, my role was the bulletins presenter and I worked alongside Sidney who was the bulletins editor. I curated the stories which I wanted to cover during the bulletins which were as follows: Theresa May’s speech on public housing, Bradley Wiggins drug doping reveal and the Oscars. I felt as though these stories were a good mix, with the Oscars being a light-hearted one for the ending. 

For this YouTube stream, the director, Nick chose to change the position of the sofa presenters for the first half of the show meaning that I was sat to the side of them on a table rather than being in my own position away from them. I felt that with me being at the side, it didn’t look as professional as it would have if I was in my own position. Also, due to a technical difficulty with the first two VT’s this meant that I had to present the bulletins earlier than I thought, therefore the auto cue was not yet up to my script. Therefore, I was required to read from the printed script for the first story and then I transitioned into the auto cue for the second and third. 

During the live stream, the two-way reporter with Saf went smooth as well as the social media segment and the discussion with the sofa guest, James. The VT’s also covered a wide range of stories such as university strikes, mobile gaming and e-Sports.