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Live Show: Fourth Week Review

I thought that our Live Show this week ran a lot smoother than the week before. Once again, my role in the show was Directing, which included the responsibilities such as cutting from different cameras, the different shots used and the overall look of the show. I felt a lot more confident with my role this week, as I had gained a better understanding from the previous week. I felt more comfortable to set up different equipment on my own and it was clear that the whole production side of the show was well organised. All of the presenters: George, Shola, Remeka and Jacob, each did extremely well and came across very clear when performing their scripts.

This week, my VT group was assigned to create a piece on the Aylesbury Estate. I took on a variety of roles which included research, writing the script, filming GV’s, Reporting, the Piece to Camera and finally I edited the package. Unfortunately, I felt that there was a huge lack of communication with our group this time around, which made things a little bit more difficult. 

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