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Live news day review: 05/03/18

On Monday, our JLDN live YouTube stream took place at 3PM. The show featured a variety of content such as University strikes, volunteering, sex education and much more. 

My group (Group 2) decided to cover the story on the potential death of a newspaper, seeing as there are other popular alternatives to consume news. When creating the VT, I contributed by researching the story and facts, which helped me to write the script. I then took on the role as the reporter, presenting the piece to camera. Finally, I recorded the GVs that took place outside the station / outdoors and also some newspaper shots.

This week, I took on the role as an on the day reporter, which was to help contribute to the Journalism.London website by writing an article. As the Oscars took place the night before, I decided to write an overview of what happened during the ceremony and focused on the winners. I thought that our website editor, Liam, did extremely well to keep on track with each reporter and gave a clear deadline on when he wanted the articles to be completed.  

In regards to the live show, unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties that happened throughout. Some VT’s were cut short due to confusions at the desk. There were also some audio issues, with the levels either being too low or high, especially when the presenters were talking. However, I appreciate the fact that the director Nick, took a risk in wanting to try different camera shots that hadn’t been done before. I thought that presenters Theo and Mariah reacted well to pick the show back up when errors were made. I also think that presenters Nicola, Saph, and Olivia each came across clear. Nicola worked quickly to think of reading the script, as she was made to go on earlier than expected and the autocue had not caught up with the show. Olivia had a good variety of relevant stories that she presented well, it was just a shame that the camera shot was a little off. The live two-way with presenter Saf ran nicely, and she was very informative. 

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