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My Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Strategy My Social Media Strategy is to share my content with my audience, in hope that they will read my posts - which cover a variety of topics including news in my given patch (Dulwich), reviews and my personal interests such as music and lifestyle etc. As well sharing my own posts,

The Independent Press Standards Organisation

Who Are IPSO? The Independent Press Standards Organisation is the independent regulator for the Newspaper and Magazines industry in the UK. They hold these industries to account for their actions, obtain the high standards of Journalism and protect their individual rights. IPSO make sure that member newspapers and magazines follow 'The Editors

Writing Profiles

A profile is getting to know a person in a way that the journalist perceives that character. Profiles also enable an audience to build knowledge/understanding of that particular person. Not all profiles are printed in Newspapers - can be published online, or appear in Podcasts and Radios. The First thing a reader