Kati roll company: Paratha review

Soho boasts an exceptional variety of places to eat, but you have to do some serious instagramming and googling to find the best priced places worth attending. After reading a Timeout article on the cheapest eats in Soho, I prepped my tastebuds for some spicy Indian street food and took myself to Kati roll on Poland street. On a Friday afternoon it was seriously busy with ques out the door, mainly Indian families which is a great sign that the food is top notch. 

The menu is small, (a gigantic menu should always be avoided – chef’s should cook a small number of dishes perfectly instead of lots of dishes at an average level), and very well priced. You get to choose from two different types of Indian bread – whole wheat roti for a lighter option or regular paratha. Also, there’s a discount if you order two of the same filled rolls. I’ve managed to sample three of the eleven types of rolls as I’m a repeat offender and find myself subconsciously walking in the direction of Kati whenever I’m in Soho. I also always order two. The main and most popular choices are as follows:

  • Chicken Tikka roll-
    Grilled tikka cubes marinated in yogurt and spices.
  • Unda Beef roll-
    Beef Tikka roll with a layer of beaten eggs
  • Shami Kabab roll
    Minced Lamb and lentil patty with herbs and spices
  • Unda Aloo roll
    Unda roll stuffed with spicy potato

Now out of the three I’ve sampled the only one I can say is completely without fault is the chicken tikka roll. Perfectly cooked chicken and just the right level of heat for my feeble Caucasian tastebuds, and no overpowering flavours from herbs and spices that haven’t been broken down properly. Unfortunately in direct contrast to this is the Shami kabab roll, made from minced lamb. The mince was dry and the flavour of the meat was dulled by the overwhelming explosion of too much cinnamon and/or cloves, which is a shame since lamb has such a unique flavour on its own. The beef roll was fine in regards to flavour, however the meat was dry and chewy which I was sort of expecting. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the lamb, and I’d probably eat the beef one again if I could choose medium-rare. 

Amazingly the kind-of-bad experience I had with the beef and lamb rolls hasn’t put me off going back as I know that I leave 100% satisfied with the chicken tikka. And I’ll always speak fondly of them because the service and atmosphere is lovely.