Reuters Digital Report

 When looking at the Reuters Digital news report for 2018 the development that stood out to me the most was the use of social media starting to fall, I had always considered social media to be ever-growing and would only keep advancing over the years that technology also continued to evolve. This point continued to gain my attention when I had to look into why social media had started to fall, the report stated that there was a direct link to the decline in sharing of news on Facebook. The report also stated that there was an increase in the use of messaging apps such as WhatsApp and also suggested that people were now using messaging apps as opposed to ones like Facebook and twitter as they Felt that the apps were more private and less confrontational. I also found it quite interesting that further reading into the report one of the most important findings was that The average level of trust within news had not gone down which confirms that people using apps like Facebook and Twitter less and less has nothing to do with them trusting what they read news wise on those apps