Saoirse Ronan: teen talent that grew into true stardom

The profile I chose to take a look at was ‘Saoirse Ronan: teen talent that grew into true stardom’ which detailed the life of Saoirse Ronan, her journey to becoming the A list actor she is today and what life was like for her growing up.

The writer went in depth discussing her background as well as her parents with focus on normalising her, detailing her time in school and the jobs that her parents had while she grew up.

The main body of the profile was focused on discussing her achievements and awards in the movies she had been in,  this was done to draw readers in and encourage them to go to watch her most recent movie ‘ladybird’ a coming of age movie about a teenager from Sacramento.

I really enjoyed reading the profile because it gave me a new insight into her life and a lot of information on the kinds of movies she has been in but i half wished that there was more detail in her life growing up so that the reader could feel more connected to the piece