Artists room:Jenny Holzer exhibition review

Jenny Holzer has been chosen to display her work in the Tate Modern’s artists’ rooms along with a variety of artists from around the world. Her exhibition features projections, stone benches, textiles, plaques, posters, and paintings. Jenny’s artistic style is very word influenced, with the majority of her pieces being very word central.

The most popular part of the exhibition is the ‘BLUE PURPLE TILT’ consisting of 7 led signs that lean against a wall. The led signs have different messages that rotate up quickly reading out various quotes from her previous exhibitions such as ‘I find my skin a cover’. The visitors all queued up to take pictures in front of the led lights.

I found it rather comical that the most popular part of the exhibition was something that could be used for a photo opportunity especially considering that the aims of the exhibition were the opposite of that. Jenny Holzer wanted people to disorientate and transfix people not have people use her exhibition for an Instagram picture.


Jenny Holzer’s work provokes thought through words but is her message truly conveyed?

The exhibition has been on since the 23rd of July and will run until the 31st of July 2019 at the Tate Modern located on floor 4.