Concerns raised on Council’s proposal to hold music festivals in local park

Lambeth Council have launched a proposal for music events such as Lovebox to be held in Brockwell Park, Herne Hill and some local residents are not pleased.

They have launched a campaign for people to pledge not to vote for any councillor that approves the proposal and does not support policies that benefit local residents. 

Despite the council stating that negotiations are still under way Lovebox have advertised that they are moving to Brockwell Park and have started making connections with Friends of Brockwell Park and the Brockwell Park Management Committee. Stating that after 13 years of being in Victoria Park they’re making a change to a park that is easily accessible to people all over London.

Locals have raised issues on the affects the festival will have on the wildlife and environment of the park and also the issues of ‘Pushing out locals, Poor values for communities, Damaging the economy and poor value for gig-goers’.

Peter Blair, a local and active member of Herne Hill Forum who is in favour of the proposal said “If we tolerate the views espoused by those individuals who oppose any major cultural festival in the Park, then activities which promote community cohesion, like the Lambeth Country Show, will be the next to go.”