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Pet Detectives Search for Tiger

A pet detective team has come to the aid of a distraught cat owner whose health has prevented her from looking for her missing pet. 

Tiger, who is 18-month-old, disappeared from his Streatham home on October 29th after being scared by fireworks.

 A team from Animal Search UK have taken up the task of finding Tiger with the search now well into its second week.

Owner Jenny Heathcote, who has a heart condition which prevents her from covering a large search area herself, said: “I’m distraught and heartbroken that tiger has gone missing. It’s just horrible to know he’s out there alone.

“If the search team could find him I would be over the moon, it would be amazing, I know it will be a difficult search as he is a timid and nervous cat, so finding him will be tough.

 “If anyone sees him or knows anything please call Animal Search UK, or if you manage to catch him, please take him to a vet to be looked at.”

 Lead Investigator Andrew McNair commented: “The challenge is making sure that as many people as possible know the pet is missing and encourage everyone to be vigilant and to keep an eye out.”

 Tiger, who has a microchip, is described as being underweight with black, brown and grey fur.