Analytics have changed the way in which the newsroom operates today

The way we work in the newsroom is always changing and developing. One of the major ways in which the newsroom has changed is through the use of analytics.

Analytics give journalists the knowledge on how their readers interact with their online content. It allows todays journalists to track how successful their content is. Not only that but the analytics can tell how the readers got to the article, where they left the article and how long they were reading for. This doesn’t just allow journalists to see what content is most popular it also allows them to change the furniture of the article due to the information they receive. Is the headline drawing people in? Analytics empower journalists allowing them to communicate with their audience in the best way possible.

The BBC have commented on the way analytics benefit journalists. If you understand that your online content can be measured they said ‘you are more willing to change what you write and how you write it’. Meaning the readers are getting what they want. A win win from both parties. 

Analytics are a key part of publishing news online and will continue to help journalists in the competitive industry of online news.