As the frosty weather drifts in, and we say goodbye to our bright and colourful summer wardrobes, it is often difficult to find excitement and life in putting together a winter wardrobe. So here are a few of my favourite finds, to liven up your dull and lifeless view of winter fashion!!

  1.          Bershka £15.99

    My first favourite is this cropped sweater with turtleneck from Bershka. When I came across this sweater the vibrant violet colour instantly pulled me in, reminding me of the neon trend that became a staple in my summer wardrobe. I also love that the jumper is cropped, making it super wearable despite the bold colour that could scare some away. Pair this jumper with jeans, trousers or a simple skirt and tights combo for the perfect bold winter look.

  2.                                                                                              – Zara £95.99                                                                                  My second pick of the season, has to be this Black fur lined aviator jacket from Zara. Although I am a self- proclaimed bargain hunter when it comes to finding on trend fashion pieces, one thing I will always splurge on is a winter jacket. The aviator style of jacket is very much ‘in’ right now, so it was inevitable that one would end up in my wardrobe this season. Zara has always been and will always be the way to my heart, the shop is full of fashion-forward pieces that are always of amazing quality and are affordable, so although I did stand in front of this jacket for a good for minutes, pondering whether this jacket was worth the price, I quickly decided that it definitely would be. Black is always a good choice for a jacket as it increases its wearability, and the material of this jacket it amazing, it will definitely will last a long time. Pair this jacket with just about anything for the perfect classy but casual outfit.
  3.                                                                                      – New Look £5.24

The next pick is this pearl embellished headband from New Look. Headbands have appeared to become a popular trend this year. Although I was weary as I hadn’t worn one since primary school, as soon as I found this little gem in New Look my opinion changed. This embellished headband may come across as being a bit over the top, however don’t let this fool you, as it can add some oomph when paired with even the most casual outfits !