A Silver screen scene


Inside the Exhibition, showcasing the definitive movie requisites from the past fifty years.

Today an Iconic Exhibition has found its end in the BFI Imax, in Waterloo, London. Many tourists but also natives have come to visit the Exhibition of Hollywood’s famous film requisites. The Hoverboard from Back to the Future and the Han solo Jacket where displayed for two weeks. For the last five consecutive years, the BFI Imax has played host to the entrainment memorabilia auction, where over six hundred Hollywood costumes and props are sold to buyers across the globe. However, only the most pinioned garments are on display for the general public.


Aretha, a student from London said that she admired the display of the Harry Potter book, which was signed by the Actors. Another visitor, Steve was eying up to an original Star Wars film poster and he was planning to go to the auction to buy this poster.

The Auction that took place earlier cemented the value of some of these items; for instance, a life-size statue of Edward Scissorhands was sold for £65,000.

Although the showcase was appreciated by its visitors, what the event was lacking was publicity. Most of the visitors were from London. Furthermore, it still proved to be very popular, because it ran every day from 10 am to 9.30pm.