The change from the good old Newspapers to mobile journalism

Mobile Journalism (MOJO) is becoming more and more common. It is a big benefit for journalists, it makes life for journalists so much easier. The immediate update the worldwide reach and the easy way to consume.

The sources where people consume news from have changed in the past years drastically. In 2012 about 40% read the news in a print version such as newspapers and magazines, in 2016 it was just about 25%. The consummation of news within social media has gone up from about 25% up to nearly 50% and this is basically the counterpart to the prints, as they have gone down the social media consumers have gone up. The online source for the newspaper has been more or less statical by 75% which makes the majority of the people. The news consumption through the TV has been more or less statical since 2014.

Also the use of the computer for consuming news has gone down and the use of mobiles has gone up. The change is significant you can see it within the data but also in the daily life how people walk around everyone with their phone in the hand.