Racism in student halls


The picture was taken by Isabella Ehrlicher and shows the flat where the incident has happened on the 4th of December.

On the 4th of December 4 Students got caught smoking in the Kitchen of McLaren house, a London Southbank University student accommodation. The incident happened at midnight and the students were sent back to their rooms after the Student Ambassadors took their names.

A couple of days Later K.L who wants to stay anonymous, who was directly involved in the incident, received a letter from the management of the halls of residents. This contained an invitation to a local Investigation meeting on the 10th of December. It also included a report from the student ambassadors about the incident, which says: “We did not trust them, they were speaking a different language.”

K.L is from Latvia, as a student living abroad and considering Brexit, he doesn’t feel very welcome in this country.  But the comment in the report left him feeling shocked. “This is very rude and I am very disappointed towards this attitude”

The Investigation meeting got cancelled as two of the people werent in the country to attend the attend the meeting and it has now been postponed until January 2019.