London Love – The Tube

Many commuters are going insane every day. Yeah, the tube has a reputation. It’s this thing you want to go to work in the morning and are already stressed before you even reached your workspace. Sweaty smelly people so close to you you haven’t even been to yourself. trying to squeeze through the crowd when […]

London Love

London, this city’s been fascinating me since my first travel here. 5 years later I’m sitting on my bed in my Londoner apartment and preparing myself to fly to Vienna over the weekend. I am so excited to see my friend but looking out of the window and thinking I don’t want to leave is […]


Being a Student in the first year can sometimes be hard. For people who come from abroad, there are so many new experiences, new people an different language and a culture you are just not used to. The first week was hard but the people you meet and identify with are the reason for you […]