Racism in student halls


The picture was taken by Isabella Ehrlicher and shows the flat where the incident has happened on the 4th of December.

On the 4th of December 4 Students got caught smoking in the Kitchen of McLaren house, a London Southbank University student accommodation. The incident happened at midnight and the students were sent back to their rooms after the Student Ambassadors took their names.

A couple of days Later K.L who wants to stay anonymous, who was directly involved in the incident, received a letter from the management of the halls of residents. This contained an invitation to a local Investigation meeting on the 10th of December. It also included a report from the student ambassadors about the incident, which says: “We did not trust them, they were speaking a different language.”

K.L is from Latvia, as a student living abroad and considering Brexit, he doesn’t feel very welcome in this country.  But the comment in the report left him feeling shocked. “This is very rude and I am very disappointed towards this attitude”

The Investigation meeting got cancelled as two of the people werent in the country to attend the attend the meeting and it has now been postponed until January 2019.

Alan Dodson a vinyl trader in elephant and castle

Alan Dodson is a vinyl and antics trader at the Elephant and Castle market. You will find him sitting on his chair with his fur hat on, smoking a cigarette and speaking about the great musicians he has met in the 60s.

He has started his career as a supermarket manager when he was only twenty years old. After a couple of years, Superdrug the drugstore brand came and asked him if he wanted to work for them. But Alan wanted to do his own thing so he started selling his cosmetic products. Unfortunately, this didn’t go as well as planned and  Alan decided to work for the fire brigade. 

26 years he worked for them as a computer technician and introduced his station how to use computers. After 26 years he decided to go into early retirement. After a year of doing nothing, he wanted to open his own little store at Elephant and castle. Underrated by the market manager, that he wouldn’t have his store for very long. He still got his place in the heart of Elephant and Castle.

He started with selling DVDs and CDs but suddenly he experienced this little niche that the “youngsters” are getting more and more interested in vinyl records. So he decided to add records to his stock. Alan has lived all his life in this area: “I’m not just a local trader, I’m a local customer, a local person”.

Everyone who has ever visited Alans record store can clearly tell that he loves music; Ambelique and Bob Dylan are blasting out of the speakers. Alan is enjoying the music, the people visiting his store and listening to his stories. Alan is enjoying life. “I`m a bit like Elton John, I`m a lover of music“. And music was his first and only love. Alan seems a bit like a lonely wolf howling songs of Bob Dylan. 

Alan was keen enough to meet one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th centuries including Earl Stuart, Paul Simon and his idol Bob Dylan. He looks back with joy on the times where he smoked cigarettes and drank wine with these music icons. He said that he has met his idol and even though Bob Dylan was a shy and quiet guy and Alan was a bit disappointed, he said he has met his hero and he will never forget this day. Alan seems very happy when he speaks about his idols and he smiles from one ear to the other. 

“music, laughter, humour, comedy, sex, drugs and Rock n Roll back in the 60s that’s what matters to me“

His customers describe him as a “cool guy”, knowing everything about music and Lawrence Simms said: “I am always excited to see him and hear his stories about the 60s and Bob Dylan and he can always recommend me a good vinyl.”

As mentioned before, Alan seems like a lonely wolf, He has never been married and doesn’t have children. His only love ever was music. He said he never regretted not getting married. The only time where he has felt lonely was when he was in the hospital, but this wouldn’t let him down.

His plan for the future is to get his own little record store. When the shopping centre is being teard off, many shopkeepers will lose their shops. Alan wants to find his own little store, locally, and he wants to expand more with records and antiques. 

Knife crimes are getting more and more serious in London


People are scared to walk alone after 8 pm. The knife crime has become a serious issue in greater London. After the latest stabbing on Old Kent-road where a 75-year-old woman has been stabbed, people are getting more frightened to leave their home or walk the streets at night.

Mary (42) said that she is scared of the stabbing becoming more common but she doesn’t understand it at the same time and wants people to stop. She said that she doesn’t want her daughter to walk by herself. 

Old Kent-road has become a serious spot in south London for knife stabbing and people are not suggested to go there since a 15-year old boy has been stabbed there as well earlier this month.

People feel left alone without the polices help. Cathrine (24) a university student, living on Old Kent-road, said that she considered moving out of her accommodation because of the safety in her area.

People are sure about the fact that the council and the police need to work on the safety in this area. And feel like that they don’t care about the fact that Southwark and the rest of London are getting affected by this.

Artists and Society

“An exhibition not as usual” 14 rooms with over a 150 paintings about Artists and Society

The exhibition Artists and Society is displayed in the famous Tate Modern Gallerie on Southbank in London. It is open to anyone and the admission is free. Sculptures, photographs, paintings, prints, videos, posters and blackboards with notes on them are displayed in 14 rooms each with a different them. Nathan (24) said: “It is so wide-ranged, so unusual and also timeless” Famous artists such as Picasso and Joseph Beuys displayed their works in the exhibition. The artworks in the exhibition are often critical against society and let the visitor think. 

Some very critical works where displayed others just people in their daily life and with others you had to go a lot more into detail. Torrie Gabb said that she looked at the picture and after reading the description of the art-works she felt a lot more different about it. 

The exhibition was very well visited and a lot of people were very interested. As the exhibition is displayed over so many rooms and in between you have movies which are from five to ten minutes it is suggested that to visit the exhibition you will need more than an hour.

The Telegraph trying to impact the younger generation to read the news via Snapchat

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms over the years. The App where people communicate within “snaps” is mainly popular within younger age groups. After developing the app with updates Snapchat decided to bring newspapers and other online news sources to the consumer. There are many different kinds of newspapers such as the Cosmopolitan, Daily Mirror, Buzzfeed and many more. 

The Telegraph updates their stories every day in the late afternoon. Their posts include mainly about 10 slides where articles are linked to. Little documentarys but also hard news are included. For example last week they uploaded a post on Stormy Daniels being a “Liar” and about John Lawson who was glad for his brain tumour.  The most recent one is about the Ryanair hand luggage charge.

The appeal of the Stories are mainly visual and there is always playing music in the background. The pictures are moving and tried to be as attractive to look as possible. 

My personal opinion on their Snapchatstories is very good, Snapchat is the social media platform I use mostly but during the last update, Snapchat hasway too many adds between the stories of your friends but also during the subscribed content you want to read or watch.

The change from the good old Newspapers to mobile journalism

Mobile Journalism (MOJO) is becoming more and more common. It is a big benefit for journalists, it makes life for journalists so much easier. The immediate update the worldwide reach and the easy way to consume.

The sources where people consume news from have changed in the past years drastically. In 2012 about 40% read the news in a print version such as newspapers and magazines, in 2016 it was just about 25%. The consummation of news within social media has gone up from about 25% up to nearly 50% and this is basically the counterpart to the prints, as they have gone down the social media consumers have gone up. The online source for the newspaper has been more or less statical by 75% which makes the majority of the people. The news consumption through the TV has been more or less statical since 2014.

Also the use of the computer for consuming news has gone down and the use of mobiles has gone up. The change is significant you can see it within the data but also in the daily life how people walk around everyone with their phone in the hand.

People walk for freedom on the march of Brexit

Thoundsan of people came together to protest against Brexit and for a better life.

On Saturday the 20th of October People stood up for the rights and marched from Hydepark Parklane down to Parliament Square against Brexit. People from all over the country came to London to protest. The march started at 12 pm and around 700`000 people attend. (BBC)

Steven has lived in the UK for over ten years, he is originally from France and said: “I got Rights as well”. People from all age groups attended the march. Susan was a big part in organizing the march she said: “I’m marching for my future, I don’t know if this will change anything but I am not losing the hope” People were devastated after the referendum has been accepted.

People where hopefull and wanted to be heard by the politicians. The goal of this protest would be another vote. A petition is currently ongoing. 

“But in the end, if young or old British citizens we all live in the same country and should act as one country.”

The development of digital journalism

The way people consume news has changed in the past years a lot. The “old-fashioned” newspapers are only a part of a big industry of journalistic work. The news is now being provided all over the Internet, such as social media and personalized blogs. All of the newspapers have an online reader where they update the news several times a day. Consuming news is much easier than it used to be.

Due to this change, everyone can publish news and fake news such as click bait lead to the “poor journalism”. This leads to the trust issues the public has with newspapers; only 44% overall trust the news, the trust is also orientated on the political interest the consumer has, but it is approved that people trust their local newspapers more. 

However, the change and the development in journalism is significant and also very intersting.

A litter disaster after a Saturday night

After a Saturday night, A London Southbank University student hall was left in a mess. Does no one bother to clean up after themselves?

On Saturday the 13th of October Mc Laren house a Student accommodation ran by LSBU was left in a mess.

Litter, empty bottles, leftover pizza and cigarettes were left all over the car park. The Dustbins where completely full and people couldn’t get rid of their garbage, it then all piled up next to the dustbins. Not getting rid of the litter properly will attract rats, mice and cockroaches. 

The main reason for people leaving their mess behind them is because of the missing dustbins in front of each block. Also, ashtrays are missing around the entrances of each block. having more litter bins and ashtrays around the buildings makes people to actually use them, so they don’t throw their litter on the floor and leave a mess behind themselves.

Abigail W. and Amy H. said: “We are disgusted by the look and the smell” and they both didn’t understand why people don’t clean up after themselves. 



How I consume news from my social media

After analyzing my social media accounts, on how and what news I consume on social media I found out that my main interest relies in fashion. Following a lot of Fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle but also the fashion brands themselves like Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Chanel, etc. knowing the latest trends, what new products and clothes they offer and also what was going on on the fashion weeks in London, New York and Milano really interests me.

My other big group of getting my news from are the general newspapers, as I am from Germany I still want to know what is happening in my country, therefore, I follow a lot of German newspapers, such as t “Die Süd Deutsche” and “Die Zeit”. To get my daily news I rather go on the homepage of the newspapers directly than finding it on my social media account. However, I still follow the Guardian and the BBC on Instagram.

Also, Celebrities are a big part of my social media, such as the royal family. I am very interested in what they do for the public and what is going on in Kensington Palace and in Buckingham Palace.

I am also very interested in Photography such as Portrait but also Landscapes, I always get some inspiration off my social media accounts.

The social media site I use the most is Instagram right after Snapchat. I nearly get all my news from Instagram, but I still like to read a good “old-fashioned” newspaper.