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“The Deliveroo guy”, a Bermondsey drug dealer – Profile

M.K., a drug dealer from Bermondsey answered a few questions that everyone would like to know the answer to. 

M.K. (The Deliveroo guy)

M.K. , also known as “The Deliveroo guy”, is a 25 year old cannabis drug dealer from Bermondsey. He is the “main” supplier of cannabis in the area and manages to make a living out of it by working nearly every day. Customers find him “reliable”, but he calls his lifestyle “stressful” and “on edge”. 

Why is his street name “The Deliveroo guy”?

M.K.’s customers call him “reliable” as he delivers his supply straight to his customers’ doors at anytime, as long as they live in the area. He uses a bike for transport to avoid traffic and petrol costs. He says that his busiest season is winter as “people can’t be bothered to go and pick up for themselves because it’s too cold”, so he came up with the solution of riding a bike to deliver the drugs and keep fit at the same time. 

When did M.K. start dealing?

M.K. started dealing drugs at the age of 17 and got himself known to the residents of Bermondsey by the age of 19. He says that it’s “risky but quick and easy money” and that is the reason why he does it. 

Does M.K work for himself?

He works for himself mainly, but has a few people that work for him and help him out at busy times. He calls these people his “family” and says that they are people he can trust. 

Does M.K. have a daily job and how much does he make from dealing?

Because M.K. is well-known in Bermondsey, he claims that he doesn’t need a second job and that he manages to make a good living out of what he does. He also claims that he makes more than £1000 a week, but if he wanted to he could get up to £2000 a week. 

M.K.’s customers?

Most of M.K.’s customers are aged 15-35. He doesn’t sell to anyone under the age of 15 and his reason is because he started smoking cannabis at the age of 15 and thinks that anyone under that age should not do it. 

Has M.K. been involved with the police?

He says that he has been caught with a large amount of cannabis once, to which he had to serve a sentence of 4 years. Whilst in prison he had a few people running his “business” for him. 

Does M.K. take drugs himself?

“A real drug dealer never takes his own supply” was his answer to the question. He smokes cannabis occasionally to “relax his mind”.

Advantages and disadvantages of the job?

M.K. claims that the job he does has many more advantages than disadvantages. He says that it’s “fast money, no tax and you are your own boss”. The only disadvantages are “rivals (gangs with the same business) and the feds). He also says that he can get a little bit anxious because of the risk but it is worth it. 

What are M.K.’s plans for the future?

M.K. claims that he is going to stop selling cannabis within 2 years. He is currently saving money to open his own gym outside of London.