Thursdays live show review 16/11/17

After a pretty awful week last week, I was determined to get back on track. After my talk with LJ, she explained thoroughly what the ‘social media editor’ job entails, and I went into the week with a clear mind of what to do. I was told focus mainly on Twitter, so I made sure to do at least one tweet an hour Monday through to Wednesday, whether it was replying to someone, tweeting, quote retweeting, running polls and so on. I still posted on the’s Instagram and Facebook, but I was constantly on Twitter looking for the latest trends and hashtags I could get involved with so our page would get more recognition and promote the show. I made sure to always tag the right people and use as many relevant hashtags as possible. Furthermore, when it came down to the actual live show days, I posted a lot more than I did last week and took more back stage images to post. I was much happier with how I performed this role than I was last week.

Regarding the group VT, I made sure to be more involved than I was last week. Although our group decided in the first week that every two weeks we will all switch roles (meaning I would still be assigned the write up role as it was the second week) I still went along to filming as a helping hand. We got really good vox pops and gv’s, but unfortunately wasn’t able to get an expert interview – although I still think our VT went really well and was informative. 

The live show went extremely well yet again, and I even think it was an improvement on last week. The presenters were more relaxed than last week, maybe down to it being their second week in that role and practicing. Before the show the studio was a bit hectic but when it came down to 3pm everyone was in their position and ready to perform their role well. Leanne was a brilliant director and all the camera shots were really well, especially when Delina was on the sofa and it switched cameras. The only downside to the live show was that Delina’s mic was too loud.