The Significance of Web Analytics

With modern news outlets having the ability to update their streams constantly, they can potentially face editorial issues that come from the use of analytics from their websites. Analytics can be extremely handy for news outlets and journalists, because they can provide an instant chunk of information regarding several things – these can include how many articles a user clicks on, the time-length that they stay on a website, and how far down a page they scroll, to name a few.

From the analytics data that a company receives, they are able to improve their content so that it will appeal more to their readers, and allow users to view it in an easier format. Because of this, they can build up a larger audience, because they’re aware of what their readers are doing whilst on their companies site. This can be enhanced by Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO), which is what is done by a search engine deciding what you see first when you type something in on the internet.

However, web analytics aren’t always great for companies to gather their sites data and see what their users enjoy. For instance, many have said that they feel web analytics can lead to obsessions over what their visitors are wanting to see, and constantly wanting their website to remain at the top of the search bars.