Highbury Corner Magistrates Court – Visit

Stock image of Rochdale Magistrates Court, similar to Highbury Corners.

During my first visit to a Magistrates Court (Highbury Corner), I was particularly fascinated by the case of one twenty-five year old female who clearly had an extremely high opinion of herself.

She entered the court with an immediate attitude and swagger in her walk, hood up and all, which I found ironic considering she had only been recently released from prison after spending four years inside for GBH. The young lady about to spend another eight weeks for assaulting her mother twice in the space of two days.

Sat in the public gallery, I pondered, ‘what has she got to be proud of’?

The first offence, which occurred on Tuesday (November 13), consisted of the defendants mother asking her to stop leaving the door on latch, which caused the young female to flick a cigarette down her mother’s bra; the second was caused by her mother allegedly kicking the defendant in the back, causing the female in question to ‘spill’ tea all down her mother’s chest. Although the defendant pleaded guilty to both charges, it signified to me that some people – several not much older than myself – already seem to have given up on their lives.

For instance, when the magistrates were reading out her punishment, I noticed the female’s face didn’t express any emotion; it was as if she had already accepted that this was how she would live out her days, hopping in and out of a prison cell bed.

Overall, I found my visit to the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court to be very interesting and certainly eye-opening, and I look forward to the forthcoming trip to the Blackfriars Crown Court.