The Knight Foundation – ‘Facing Bias’

As social media has become increasingly significant in our day to day lives over the past decade, we as a society have gotten used to being introduced to exciting new ways of storytelling. Because of this, new platforms like virtual reality and phone applications have shown us different kinds of articles in ways we haven’t seen them before.

One of ‘The Knight Foundations’ eleven sponsored projects, ‘Facing Bias’, was created by ‘The Washington Post’ and is based in D.C. – the project aims to develop a smartphone tool that will ‘use augmented reality to analyse a reader’s facial expression whilst they view images’. A possible bad editorial opportunity for such an ambitious project is that if your device is storing such a vast amount of your personal data on a device, you can never be too sure what it is they’re using that data for. Some may find the process unappealing. A pitfall of the project is that how expensive it would be to produce – for instance, it would cost thirty thousand dollars, making it the most expensive project on the list of The Knight Foundations list of eleven.