Introduction to Broadcast Journalism – Workbook

Week One:

We were introduced to the iPod Touches and microphone equipment by Sam, and learnt what each microphone was for and when is appropriate to use it. Then we were taught about the Recorder app, which we can download on our personal iPhone’s to use for our university projects. We were split into our VT groups and interviewed students around the LSBU London Road building. The session was an overall introduction to the module, as we learnt what we will be doing for the rest of the semester.

Week Two:

We worked in our VT groups to think of a subject relating to university students to make our first video package for. Our group consists of me, Georgie, Alessia and Matt. We have chosen to do a package on smoking in universities. We filmed several different shots of staff and students smoking on campus. Then, we learned about the streaming service BOB and IRN, and how we can use them to aid our studies.

Week Three:

On the Wednesday morning, we had a voice training session with Vanessa. We learnt about adjusting our voice for radio / podcasting work, and how to articulate better.

Week Four:

We presented our smoking VT to the class, and received feedback on what went well and what could have been improved. Afterwards, we assessed how each other interpreted the Friday evening news. Later, we planned out our Brexit VT packages that we are going to film next week, and figured out who was going to do what.

Week Five:

We spent the day working around the Houses of Parliament. In the morning, we worked for Rebecca as a group, making our VT packages. In the afternoon, we all worked independently to create our own audio work regarding Brexit.